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December 2011 ROTM - At a Dealership

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1st ever, unofficial, R.O.T.M.

no rules, no prizes.:eek:

Post the pics here.

Near the end of the month the best (or all 4 of us :))will go into a poll for everyone to vote on.
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i think people would not be interested without rewards what would you say?
Id say it wont stop me from post Ho'ing up the place!!!

Sorry I cant offer rewards, only bragging rights.

Since theres no rules yet, here's our car - 2 or 3 cars ago, a 2003 Jag xtype at a dealer of some sort


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thats not nearly big enough, hold on...
Oh yea, now we're talking!

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Here's my last van getting new tires :)

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Here I am at a camper dealer, that counts cause theres no rules yet :)

I'm gonna win by volume :)
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Oh man, as long as I'm ho'ing the place up with vans, here is my last van at the drag strip :)

Im going to dig up some more pics, and it aint going to be pretty
instead of a poll I thought we'll just rename this the fail thread and let it die
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