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I just purchased a red '12 GS stick shift with nav & 20s. It had 13,700 miles on it and I watched the Toyota dealer in Mississippi lower it down from $26k in $2k increments. When it hit $20k I pulled the trigger and I was actually able to get them to include their $349 documentation fee since they only had one smartkey. Is it true that I can buy a "blank" smartkey for $40 and program it myself as long as I have 1 working smartkey?

I drove the gf to Florida in my prius for a vacation and so she could see her sister im Panama City and she dropped me off in Mississippi on her way home. Its got 14,800 on it now but what a great bonding experience with my new (to me) gs. I only saw one gs the entire trip, a silver with 20s in southern Indianapolis. (If you're on here say hi I was in the red gs yesterday with a paper plate in the back window).

I got so lucky with the current cheap gas prices. Less than $200 for both cars. (Prius to florida, then Mississippi, then home to Michigan, regal from Mississippi to Michigan). It snowed in Michigan yesterday morning when my gf hit Michigan but by the time I reached home it had already cleared. Its being parked for the meantime until I can score a set of 18" wheels and blizzaks. I have 18" BMW wheels but would rather find oem Buick rims.

Only hitch was the car wash near my house, h.i.d. bulb burned out, looked under the hood to see its missing a round twist bulb cover. I'm going to buy a pair so the color temperature matches on both sides and keep the working bulb as a backup (my saab 9-5 aero also uses d1s bulb). If any of you have had to replace a cracked h.i.d. headlight and have a spare dust/water cover please let me know. I'm going to put a tiny screw in both to prevent them from falling out inadvertently.

So the Toyota dealership talked me into a $430 5 year wheel AND tire road hazard warranty and a $1599 8 year 100k (vs 4 year 50k) basic (aka bumper to bumper) warranty. With Michigan roads the way they are the poor company that underwrites my 20" wheel and tire warranty will probably be out of business in 5 years.

So I'm wondering if the $1599 8 year 100k warranty was a waste of money with modern cars being so reliable. They assued me it adds resale value and can be transferred to another owner for $50. It also works behind the gm warranty, not just after the gm warranty runs out, so if gm denies a claim there's still a chance the extended warranty will cover a repair.

Besides the obvious complaint about too many buttons on the dash, or the stock brembo pads are too powerful I only encountered 2 gripes. My Samsung S4 only connected as an installer via my usb cable, so it charged but no music. I didn't bring any CDs or a 3.5mm aux cable cause I didn't think I needed it. So the whole trip I had to listen to fm and the xm "preview" channel.

So is gm anti android or are there android phones compatible with the car or do I need a special usb cord from gm? And the hvac is always dumping hot air into the cabin, even when the fan is all the way off. Even when the hvac is on I think its dumping hot air cause I have to set the heat to 67 in order to feel like 74. When I had it set to 73 like I set my other cars to it felt like the cabin was over 80. What's that about?

What a car, three cute girls at an outlet mall were all over it I was so tempted. I have two 1974 saab sonetts and all I ever get out of those is thumbs up by old men with white beards.

Does anybody know why gm added awd for '14? Fwd with dedicated winter tires will be much, much, much better in the snow and ice then awd with all season tires. And it seems like an insult to whichever genius gm/opel engineer who designed the hi-per struts.

And why did they butcher the trunk lid for '14? I can't really afford a new '14 anyways but am I the only one who finds the new rear end hideous? its like some designer has a "I'll fix it till its broken" attitude. Leave it be it was perfect.

Sorry for the long post, thanks to those who read it all and a very special thanks to any who reply with knowledgeable answers.
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