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Do you prefer customs parts or bolt-on parts?

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With the endless amount of parts manufacturers and specialty shops that offer to make one-off parts which one do you prefer? Obviously bolt-on parts are cheaper since its mass produced. But theres also a downside that the parts might not fit perfectly or might need modification. But if you get something custom made you know it fits perfectly and works right away. But it will definitely cost a lot more. Discuss!!!
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assuming i had the money for it i would definitely go with custom one off parts. sinces its made specifically for me and not for anyone elses vehicle. plus it would make it easy for me since the same shop that would make the product will most likely install it too insuring that there would be no issues.
I'd go with really well known brands for bolt on parts. I've never heard of any issues with really high end/expensive brands and their bolt on parts. There's usually a reason why those parts are expensive and its usually because of the amount of research and development that goes through their products.
After doing a little research I think going with high-end bolt on parts might be the best way. Since like someone here said that you wont really have problems with high end bolt on product
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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