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Do you use any oil additives like oil stabilizers?

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Seeing as I was just asking in a previous thread about your favorite brand of oil. I got really curious about oil additives. Have you ever used it? Do you like it? Does it actually make a difference? So many questions......lol
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ive heard of people swearing by lucas oil oil stablizers. but personally i dont have any first hand experience with them nor do i plan on using any oil additives.
I used it before.....made my oil too thin. I started hearing a knock in my engine so I did an oil change with fresh oil and the knock went away. Never gonna use it again. Not worth the risk of damaging your motor.
Thankfully I asked you guys before I even decided to use it. I would've just wasted my money on nothing.
Your owners manual tells you oil supplements are not needed and not reccomended. Snake oil will not improve the life of your vehicle's engine in my opinion and will only drain your wallet. If you keep the oil changed with a quality oil filter when reccomended you should get a long life out of your engine. I have used these products in the past and have not seen any long term benifit over standard oil. I normaly use full synthetic oil, and a preium oil filter. I replace the air filter with a K&N filter when the factory paper filter needs changing. Now we must use a Dexos approved oil. I use Mobil One's 5W30. Most of my cars that I keep for a long time go over 200,000 miles without engine wear problems.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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