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Their service department / manager is someone I consider to be less than the caliber for the job.

I had my car taken in there for a uncommanding braking problem twice. It happened a third time. When talking with him, I said that since the problem happened again and the car will be coming in for the 3rd time, its time to start thinking of the lemon law. His reply ... the judge will decide. Its not really his decision - more of a Buick corporate decision than his. Yet that was his reply.

After the third time of the uncommanded braking problem, where the brakes where what I consider severely sticking to the front rotors, at one point, the steering wheel shook left/right as if the rotors were out of balanced (remember the brakes were grabbing). It more violent than casual. So when I talked to the service advisor, I said that the rotors and pads will need to be replaced.

With this last time, with how severe it was, I said that I wanted one of three things to happen.
1. Find the problem and fix it. I don't care how long it takes. What happened was totally unsafe. If it happened again and caused an accident, someone could be injured. I don't want that on my hands. Especially when the service department says the problem could not be duplicated.
2. Buick buys back the car.
3. The car is certified - so I could sell it and wash my hands of the liability of it.

Then I had the issue of Roadside assistance where I insisted that a flatbed tow truck take it into the dealer. They sent 2 non-flatbed trucks. Where either the front or rear axle would still be in contact with the road. Unsat because with an uncommanding braking issue, who's to say/tell that the brakes wouldn't lock up. Especially after the violent rotating back and forth motion of the steering wheel from the previous time.

So I called the dealer service department to let them know. First about the original tow truck not being the right kind. Trying to keep them in the loop. Then after the second screw up, I called to let them know Id get the car to them when the roadside assistance folks provided the correct tow vehicle. Left the second message for the service manager along with my cell phone number.

Got a call back from the service manager. Talked about the issue with the car, and I reiterated the 3 things I wanted to see. He said don't bring the car to be serviced to Ewing Buick.

With an attitude like that along with his previous comment concerning letting the judge decide, I would NEVER want Ewing Buick to work an any vehicle I have.

I also would not buy a car from a dealership where their service department has that kind of an attitude.
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