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Doors not like to shut tight?

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Ok might be an odd question but anyone else find that the doors take a much more solid shut to close all the way than they are accustomed to? First I thought it was just my daughter but just about every one that has ridden with me it seems has not shut the door tight getting in or out at least once. Thought it might be out of alignment but not just one door so seemed unlikely.
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That's wierd. Haven't noticed anything like that with mine.
I noticed it as well. Only have to put a little extra into it.
Airtight doors. They play a large part in why there is very little cabin noise while driving.
My Regal was built in April 2010 and I took delivery in mid July 2010. The doors require very little effort to close with a solid thump and no air leaks. All of the Regals I checked before purchase were the same.
I too have noticed the same symptom. My theory is the amount of, and/or type of, gaskets used around the frame of the doors, as well as the opening of the doors. There is quite a bit of rubber and felt material used to help keep down the wind noise. It is this material that causes some of us to use a little extra effort when closing our Regal's doors.

By the way, I was recently at an auto show and noticed that higher end automobiles use felt around the door frames, as well. I had never really noticed this until purchasing the Regal.

Happy motoring!
Thanks for the replies guys, glad to know it isnt just me. I stopped in the dealer yestersay for a suspension warning and asked them. They said they seemed stiff so lubed them up, so far not much change. Though the one on the dealer floor didnt do it, but come to think of it I think a window was down.

Really so far I love the car, only other complaint I can find it the gain seeming to be set louder on the FM radio than the XM which can be annoying flipping thru stations I have no complaints. Definately never thought I would have been buying a bucik at 34 but so far glad I did.
I had this same problem - esp with right rear door. Seems to have subsided - not sure if because things are wearing-in, or if my kids have learned to give it a little extra... :)
All the doors except the passenger door are better. Made an appointment as it got left open the other night and when not sure the interior light doesnt shut off (least when I am in the car, dont know if it has a timer). Hopefully they can get it working like the others.
I have noticed the same problem with the front, passenger side door. Fairly annoying.
When I took it back in they took it to the body shop who adjusted it and shuts well now.
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