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2013 Buick Regal GS - Manual Transmission - 42,650 km

I recent got an oil change at the dealership and the tech neglected to put any oil in the car. I noticed a "diesel" sound, but thought is was just me. I drove about 4.5 km back to the office (60 km/Hr); the diesel sound was still present. After shutting the car off, I popped the hood and the oil cap was off, slight oil spray on the inside of the hood and motor. The bigger issue no oil showing in the dip stick.

The dealer sent a rep out with a new cap and he added 2 quarts of oil and had me run the car and then re-checked the oil. The "diesel" sound was reduced but the dip stick didn't show any sign of oil. The tech left and came back with an additional 3 quarts. We started the car up and no "diesel" sound and the dip stick registered oi, but it showed add a quart. I then let the car sit for an hour or so then started the car and the check engine light came on. I drove back to the dealership and left it for the service department to address.

The results, as per the dealer. 1. The oil pressure is 60 psi. 2. The oil filter showed no signs of metal and wear. 3. The check engine light error produced a timing chain issue.

The dealer is addressing the timing chain issue and has properly serviced the car - oil change.

My questions: 1. Engine wear - What kind of damage can I expect? And what about long term issues or potential issues? 2. Oil pressure - What is the normal or ideal oil pressure? 3. Timing chain - What would cause the timing chain error? Is it related to my partial oil change?

Any input or advice is greatly appreciated. I'm hoping for the best, but also don't want to be informed for my next visit to the dealer; hoping to pick up my car early next week once the timing chain has been replaced.

Thanks in advance to everyone and anyone who comments.
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