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Ethanol blended gasoline E-10

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Since GM monitors this board I have to ask what they are doing about the EPA's approval of upping the ethanol content on gasoline too 15%? The car dealer keeps telling me the reason for the drop in MPG is ethanol which at the time was 10% and I do agree. However with the EPA's approval to increase ethanol to 15% it comes to a contradiction of what the owners manual page 9-43 fuels containing more than 10% ethanol must not be used.

  • Ethanol is a strong solvent/cleanser and drying agent that will wear down engine parts.
  • Since ethanol rapidly attracts/absorbs water into gas, shelf life is less than 3 months.
  • 10% is the maximum amount of ethanol allowed by all conventional engine manufacturers and warranties.
  • Warning: E15 (15%) is now being legally sold, but ALL engine manufacturers prohibit use of this new fuel! *Not applicable to FFV's/E85.
Sadly the EPA + ethanol organizations have chosen to ignore all recommendations & research studies

from those who design, sell and repair engines.
  • Following simple precautions will decrease risk and help safely manage E10 fuel blends.
  • E10 gas can cause engine damage, poor performance, parts deterioration and lower mpg.
  • Many gas stations do NOT label gas pump when ethanol is added.
  • #1 Reason for gas-caused engine damage=Phase-separated E10 gasoline.

Is the EPA protecting you or the ethanol lobbyists?

BUYER BEWARE: Over 90% of gasoline sold at public gas pumps now contains ethanol=E10.
Finding ethanol-free pure gas is challenging and almost impossible in many areas of the U.S.

For years over-blending of E10 has occurred isdue to carelessness (lack of oversight) and profit motives, encouraged by government tax credits and subsidies.
Now that E15 (50% more ethanol) is being sold, intentional over-blending and misfueling will only get worse.

Reclaim your right to choose ethanol-free pure gasoline.
Sign Petitionto assure fuel choice at gas pumps, including non-ethanol gasoline
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