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I am hoping someone can offer some insight into this. I narrowed down an issue with my Regal CXL 2.4l recently, whereby she was refusing to start after fill up and also stalling periodically out of nowhere. The most probable cause is the Evap Purge Valve. I proceeded to purchase a replacement online and made sure to cross check, very closely, to ensure that I was buying the correct valve. I received it last night and proceeded this morning to attempt the replacement.

I am long way from being mechanically inclined, but through investigation can identify issues etc. I watched a couple of videos and become confident that this was an easy fix that I could perform.

This morning I get to the engine and can see that the valve that the valve that I am replacing, while shaped very similarly, is connected to the engine completely differently than is clearly needed with the new part. The onboard part looks to be held by a bracket and does not seem to have a bold hole, whereas the replacement does not have any bracketing and does have a bolt hole. (Please see attached pictures).

I even double checked online again and all of the replacement part options point to the part that I purchased. The electrical connector and the pipe connections line up perfectly, so I think that I am looking at the correct part on the engine.

Can anyone please offer some insight as to why the two parts seem different? Based on the picture (engine bay) below, am I not looking at the correct part?

Please help, thank you.


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