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For sale OHIO 19" OEM GS wheels and tires

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19" OEM wheels for sale. posted this on another forum so ill just it here to save some time...

so a little update today.

was cleaning my wheels and i noticed two spots on them about the size of the end of a pen. 1 spot on the front left and 1 on the rear right. i looks like something hit them but there is no damage anywhere else!! i did not curb them or anything and you can see that in the pics. i called up Buick and brought it in. i live on nice streets with no gravel so again we had no idea what it could be with no damage anywhere else. the manager sratched the front left with his finger nail and got some paint to come off from where it was raised off the wheel already. i said "o man thats probably going to get worse" and since its a lease etc that really sucks. he just turned to me and said "we'll order you some new wheels." i was shocked and happy but since it wasnt my fault im glad they took care of it.

that brings up a good selling point now . you guys doing winter/summer wheel swaps you better be careful because if your tire installer F's up your out a wheel and these things look like they could chip easy. Or winter alone with salt and everything could mess them up.

sooooooooooooo, i now have 2 BRAND NEW wheels to sell along with the other 2 that are still in perfect shape so get them while their hot.

tires have 6k and plenty of tread left for the guys with 20's needing something for winter.


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i kind of got my prices. these are without shipping. including the TPMS's so i dont have to dismount the wheels and tires to pull them out if someone wants everything which is easier on me.

$50 each sensor
$225 for 2 used wheels, $300 for new wheels
$125 per tire.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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