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Right now it looks like I dont have the ability to add forums or anything. But I sure can BAN:D

So, thinking about some stuff I see and use on other forums I'm on that might be nice here.

Fuely thingy, a little thing at the bottom of sig that you enter your fuel ups and it shows your stats of fuel used, how many fill ups, mpgs.

More catagories, one for turbos and non turbos in engine forum just to help organize posts. A forum for diy - repairs, upgrades, mods, etc

More smilies

Any other thoughts post 'em. Like I said, I cant make changes now. But as the forum grows and we get more members, mods, admin in here we should have some good ideas.
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I am new to this forum but, I have been a member of another Turbo Buick forum for years. They don't cater too much to the newer Regal so I decided to become a member to this site. There are a few of us that have the older Regal:D and the new one as well on the other site.

So to the ideas. Try putting up a section for people is areas.

New England area
Mid Atlantic
South East
Midwest and so on.

This would make it easier for members to get to know each other.
Good ideas.

I think I'm still limited to banning people.

Anyone want banned?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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