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Fuel Cap Clip question

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Does your Regal have a clip on the inside of the fuel cap to hook it onto the fuel door? I was looking at the following video and they show putting the cap on the fuel door. I see the holder onthe inside of the fuel door but I don't have a clip on the fuel cap. Might, be a silly question but just wondered what others have. I checked with the dealer and none of their Regals have the clip. They are going to send a product information request to GM.

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Got my answer..
The only vehicles that have this clip are those that are E85 equipped and the vehicles that are before the model year break point. I hope this helps.

Buick Customer Service
Strange. I have a turbo that is E85 equipped and I do not have a clip.
care to post a picture of what the clip looks like?
Hopefully this link works. What I first posted didn't work.

YouTube - 2011 Buick Regal - Fuel Door & Cap
Interesting... i dunno it seems as if it almost looks like a standard option on the car, maybe it depends on other trims level's i think you should contact your dealer and see what they say about it .
lol GM fail...the door in the video is a lacrosse door. or maybe im just used to seeing the e85 yellow cap and swinging it over the hook on the door when i gas up.
Gm fails pretty often, maybe GM just failed to put it on a Bunch of cars... who knows. GM says this they show that...

EPIC fail
I just checked mine and I have the same problem. I have the clip on the door but I don't have the clip an the fuel cap itself. Seems kind of dumb to me.
Fuel Cap hangup

Here are 3 pics of my Regal's fuel cap and door. Note that the end of the fuel cap has a circular piece that fits into the slot on the door. Nothing fancy but it works.:)


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