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Future Opel Insignia OPC (similar to Buick Regal GS) owner

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Hello !

I'm french living in France (wow! lol) and ordered a few weeks ago an Opel Insignia OPC.

I would like to "rebadge" it as a Buick by changing :
- the front grill(e)
- the rear logo
- the wheels center logos
- and a few other things.

Maybe someone is interessted and could help me to find and order those parts and have them shipped to me to France. Of course I'll pay for that. Anyone interessted ?

btw : sorry for may bad english !
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You know what? Funny you say this because I'll probably be getting a Regal in the next couple months and I would like to do the opposite and rebadge mine as an Opel.

Maybe we can work something out?
That would be great!

EDIT; I just realized that you said you ordered the OPC and the regular grilles on the Regals are not the same size as the OPC's. You may have to wait until the GSs come out for the US next year.
I actually don't know. It would be nice if that is possible. Does anyone else know if it is possible?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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