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Green Tractor wrecks Havock @ wallmart!

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A Walmart just outside of Toronto, Ontario was recently remodeled by a tractor. Unfortunately, nobody was driving the tractor and cars were still in the parking lot.

We really don’t have much to offer in the way of insight here, but fortunately somebody was smart enough to record the rampage on their phone. The video is about six minutes long and though the quality is poor, you do get a pretty good idea of what happened.

This is seriously messed up, bad prank or someone really screwed up! makes me wonder who has to pay for all the damages!

Found @

Unmanned Tractor Wreaks Havoc in Walmart Parking Lot [Video] | Tractor News
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Best part of the clip was that, the police weren't even doing anything they were just driving in circles chasing the Tractor , hoping that if more police cars came than it would hopefully stop.. To bad it was just stopped by a light post..

Which i must say is very sturdy.. also if anyone ever pisses you off with their car and your in your tractor, you know what to do :)
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