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GS Dash Lights turn Purple Not Red

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When you switch to GS mode the lights in the dash are suppose to turn red. Mine turn purple. At first I thought this is just the way it is until I seen a video online in which their dash lights turned RED. Here are a few pics of my lights first in blue and then in GS mode. Is this normal?

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From what I know, the European and Chinese versions of the Insignia/Regal have red Instrument lighting. Here in the states, they go from "Ice Blue" in standard mode to "White Hot" in GS mode. I do agree though, it does end up looking a little more purple than white.
My bad..............this is what I was thinking.

Do you think its a programing issue, being that they just re-program in the red lights. I have aftermarket gauges in my other car and you can pick what colore you want them to be back lit with. Looks like everything turns red on their dashes. Even the center console lights.
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Motor Trend article on the car has this paragraph in it.

The two alternate suspension modes, Sport and GS, each make the damper settings a smidge more aggressive than standard mode. According to Buick, sport mode is about 20 percent stiffer than normal. GS mode is yet another 20 percent stiffer than Sport, and also increases steering effort. That added steering feel made GS the default mode for us whenever spirited driving was called for. As such, we found little use for the mid-level suspension setting. Plus, hitting the GS button changes the gauge backlighting from blue to red -- so why ever settle for plain, old Sport mode? We're not saying that color-changing gauges play any part in the GS' performance recipe, but boy, do they look cool.

I found it being discussed in another Buick forum.

Regal GS to Insignia OPC Conversion with Pics! - Page 3 - Buick Forums

Some others thought they were suppose to turn red.
From What Ive seen in Promotional pics, The backlighting in the Euros is Red by default, its just the regular coloring of the instrument panel
In the USA... the default and 'Sport" mode lights are Blue. When you hit 'GS' they turn white. They may appear a tiny bit Purplish in the daylight, but at night time they are white.
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