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Hello All!

Last month I went in to the dealer for service and inspection and my current tires Hankook Ventus V4ES passed inspection and one of them had a nail. When the dealer went to repair it the destroyed the tire and replaced it with a NEW Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2. Now I have a "one off". I am looking to get new tires but I have this new S1 Noble2 (less than 300 miles) tire that is worth $170 new and three that are ok. They are the standard GS rim size of 255/35/20. If there is someone out there that is interested in making me an offer for one or all tires that are good*, let me know. The only caveat is I can't and wont ship. So, if you are in the Philadelphia PA area and are interested send me a message.

As of 2/6/16, the tires are still on the car and to offset my cost of the new tires and avoid the old tires sitting in my back yard for months I would like to have the turnaround as quick as possible. The plan is me getting the tires replaced by the end of February so at that point I will have pics of the tires so you can see them and I will get you thread depth on each so you know what you have to roll on.

*Based on thread depth of 2/32 or more on the V4ES I will add them to the offer with the Noble2.
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