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Has anyone tried the Fumoto Qwikvalve on their vehicle?

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I just saw this video on youtube and I got really curious. It is definitely something I will be using a lot if I got one. But how safe and reliable is it? I found a few reviews online and they're all good reviews about it. But I was hoping someone here first hand experience with this product.

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Looks interesting. I'm wondering if a rock or something hit the toggle would it move it? I'm curious to hear from any users of this valve as well.
I've had a fumoto on my silverado for close to 200,000 miles. And on the van for 10k or so. Been meaning to order one for the regal before the first oil change but keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder
ive seen reviews of this online and lots of guys really like it. im definitely gonna order one. ill let everyone know my review on it when i get mine.
Let us know how it is when you get it. I'm just worried about it leaking under high pressure. But according to the video it has two seals(one on each side) preventing it from leaking.
mine has never leaked on the truck.

Just ordered one for the regal and another car.
So I found out a few guys I personally know use this and have never ever had a problem with leaking or it breaking. They love it so much they use it on all their vehicles. Gonna order one of these in a couple weeks and I'll personally see how good these things are. :)
Oil analysis has come back good after being run 10,000 miles on my truck with synthetic oil and the fumoto valve.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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