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Heater Core

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:( I bought my 2011 Regal in April. Everything fine till 9,000 miles. The windows started fogging up. Long story short, my car overheated and I had a "defective" heater core. Apparently this is an issue as the small town dealership had already replaced one other. The antifreeze leaked onto the carpet. In order to replace the carpet, the seats needed to be removed. The mechanic who did that damaged the glovebox, then on both sides, the plastic "T" between front and rear doors, the plastic section below and in front of the handles on the doors, the door frame carpet holding trims, the aluminum door frame logo trims, the paint on the door frames, the plastic on the outsides of both seats. I still don't have it back. My question is mechanical however, since my car overheated and had probably been running hot for a couple weeks before it really went...am I going to have troubles in the future?
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How hot is 'overheated' and for how long?
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