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Hey everyone :)

Just wanted to say a quick hey and hello, and introduce myself quickly. I'm from northeastern Ohio, and a university student (neuroscience and pre-medicine). I purchased my very first Buick today...and I'm super psyched! My favourite car is the 1980 Buick Regal Legacy, and that's exactly what I bought today! Only 35,000 miles on it too. I only have one picture at the moment, but I'll post more when I go pick it up (hopefully Tuesday if I can get to the dealership after class..it's an hour from my house :\). Anyway, super excited about my new purchase and just had to share :)

I'm also looking to learn mechanics and some restoration with this vehicle. My dad never taught my sisters and I but I've always wanted to learn. I figured this would be a perfect ride to start learning on. I've got huge plans for it, but for right now I've got a little engine work to do on her. (some hoses etc are duck taped on...not sure what hoses..I'll have to learn lol). I know nothing about cars mechanically, but I"m super passionate to learn and that's sort of what I hoped I could do at a site like this (I used to work on my harley back in the day so I hope some of that translates over). I"m a girly girl, but I love me some classy vehicles and I would like to know how to keep mine running all by my lonesome :p

My other ride (main driver) is a 2006 Mini Cooper S but I figured ya'll would just be interested in the new beauty :p

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