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First off, thank you for having me here!! First time Buick owner, life-long GM owner since I started driving. My GM history starts out with the S/T series trucks, including a GMC Typhoon (which I miss dearly...). My last vehicle before my current Buick was an '07 Impala SS with the LS4 5.3L V8, so that was a bit to get used to going from trucks to a car... But my current ride, the Buick, is a '12 Regal GS.

I picked this up February last year, and it had just turned 56K as I drove it off the lot! I havent done anything to it outside of the GM/Buick Performance Stage (1) kit consisting of a true cold air intake an upgraded GM tune. pushing power from the stock 270HP & 295lbs/ft of torque, up to 295HP & 335lbs/ft of torque. So I am glad the little extar the kit gave it is plenty for what I want and need for a daily driver. The only other thing I did to it was I installed an Aeroforce Interceptor gauge with a custom made pod for it. I will create a post specifically for this for anyone interested... This is my boost gauge, along with reading several other parameters of the car. well worth the money for it.

A little about me: I am a heavy equipment operator for one of the top 3 waste companies in the US. An avid music lover & musician - drummer since age 4 and guitarist for the last 20 years, a gear head (what person isnt that signs up to forums like this, right??? Hahaha!!), and hopeful future dad to a little boy (- depending on what happens with things regarding my company and our situation with our facility. That's another topic for another time...).

So again, thanks for having me. Hopefully I can get to meet some of you in person if we can make it out to a car show or cruise night sometime... And as always in a place like this, hope to learn new stuff from you guys and vise-versa!!

Until next time, speed safely on the highways of life!

Josh in NY


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