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Hello & Need help w/ a license plate bracket

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Hello Regal Forum folks,
Just got my wife a 2012 preowned white Tri. - Premium 2 from out of state - she loves it. Only problem is that we live in NY and they require a front plate. Breaks my heart to have to drill holes in that front bumper. Anyone have any thoughts? Was thinking about using a really good doublesided tape. Also any ideas where to get a good - priced right bracket that will fit that front contour?

Thanks for the help - ED
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we might have our factory front plate bracket laying around somewhere
Anyone verify this is the regal front plate bracket? Had it in the garage. Don't know what other gm car it would be from, as both the truck and my express van have the mounts in the front bumper.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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