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Hello everyone, new to this forum and to our regal gs. Bought my wife our 12 gs auto a few months back and so far we love it. I am the owner of a small diesel repair shop in rural nebraska, but previously worked at a chevrolet dealership for several years. Our new gs is surprisingly pretty quick for a 2.0, but as i'm spoiled and used to the power of a duramax, it lacks some top end pull. I have currently started building an efilive tune for it but have not installed yet as i'm still researching some e85 possibilities. Does anyone really know how much these trannys will take? If anyone has any knowledge or experience on these cars i'd love input. Thanks
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Welcome. Unfortunately this forum isn't as active as other Buick forums so you probably won't get too many replies.

Officially, the GS tranny is rated at exactly what the stock tune puts out. Several of us are running a tune that bumps power around 70whp/tq without issues... but obviously haven't run them more than a year to know if there are long-term tranny issues.

I suggest checking out the other buick forum if you want a more lively discussion ;)

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