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I'm working on a 1999 LS that has enough rear suspension issues that I have decided to look into a transplant, rather than piece-by-piece repair.

I have found a 2002 LS donor car, and it looks like I can get the entire suspension assembly out by disconnecting the p-brake cable and removing 3 nuts on each of the strut tops, the bolts on the trailing arm mounts, and 2 bolts on each end of the cross member. The tank has already been removed, as have the brake lines/hoses.

The usual wear items (struts, bushings, arms, etc.) are the same, according to AutoZone. I haven't been able to determine if the cross members are the same because the GM sites I've found no longer show the part numbers for them.

Does anyone know for sure the cross members are interchangable? The price I've been given for the assembly is less than the new price of 2 struts.
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