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HID Headlight Assmbly into Stadard

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I was wondering if anyone had any insight on whether or not the HID headlight assembly (From the Turbo Model) is a direct plug and play for into the standard. I would foresee having to buy the headlight housing, lights, ballast, etc...but would the wiring be plug and play?

Maybe someone with the HID set-up could shoot a few photos of the wiring connector for me :)

Thank you for any information!
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curious about this as well.

did this on my 07 jetta and had to change some voltage setting in the computer to get them to work. same thing when i put LED tail lites in. well documented on the vw forums so it was no sweat. actually changed a lot of things in the computer. pretty cool. things that were shut off or changed from the euro settings. curious if the same applies to my german made regal.
Hi, i have a 2012 regal cxl with the halogen headlights. I bought the factory
Hid units and they don't work properly, the led drl's and turn signals work but the Hid's don't turn on. The connector in the back of the unit is missing one prong so that might be the cause. Do you know of an adaptor or have a suggestion to get these to work?

Thank you
Hey man, in response to your Post about the H I D headlights for the Buick regal, I bought the stock headlight units from Buick and come to find out, the plug on the unit itself is different than my factory plug for the halogens. The dealer said they have to rewire the plug going to the headlight and it could be very costly. I'm going tomorrow to my dealer to see what it entails and how much it would be. I will let you know if they can do it. If you look on eBay there are some aftermarket headlights for the regal which are pretty nice looking.
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