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I have a 32 GB flash drive with roughly 1600 songs on it that I use as my personal jukebox in my 2011 Regal Turbo. Has anyone else experienced that even though you have an obscene number of songs, and even though the player is set to "shuffle," that you're always listening to the same songs over and over? Seriously, every time i get out of the car and get back in I'm guaranteed that I'll be hearing at least 5 of the same songs that I just listened to the last time I was in the car. Am I doing something wrong? All of the mp3's are on the root of the drive, not in "playlist" or individual folders. Also, is there anyone that knows how to tell the car to play the usb? I've tried "play usb, play flash drive, play auxiliary, play disk drive, play drive..." Nothing works. More times than not, it thinks I'm telling it to adjust the display from auto, night, or day. :confused: quickly turns to :mad:

As always, thanks for any help.
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