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I need new tires. 20" GS 2012

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I have 13,500 miles on my 2012 GS (20"). The Pirelli tires are almost done. I was looking for some advice on replacement tires. The OEM tires were great at first, but now the traction is terrible and the road noise is getting worse. I live in South Florida, so I don't need snow tires. Has anyone replaced the 20" GS tires yet? Any suggestions?
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I put General GMax AS-03s 255/35 ZR20s on my '13 GS as my winter tires. They're definitely a lot louder than the Pirelli's that came with my car, but they are a decent tire for the price.

Pirelli P Zeros

I just saw your thread and I'm not sure if you pulled the trigger on new tires, but I have a set of four (4) that I removed off my GS so I could put
all-seasons on since I'm in the midwest.

The tires are perfect, with no repairs and they were removed with approx. 300 miles. I was going to keep them and put them on some aftermarket wheels for the Audi S3 I'll be ordering, but I'm open.
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