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If not this car what would you get instead?

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This is more a hypothetical question. But if you didnt get this what would you want to get instead? It can be anything but try to be realistic. Dont say youre going to get a Bugatti Veyron or something like that. Im really curious what everyone would get instead.
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The car I really wanted was the Pontiac G8 GT but it along with Pontiac was cancelled. RIP.
There is a new Chevy coming out next year that will be based on the Holden Commodore. It will probably be like the G8 GXP version which will be roughly $40k. Too rich for me unless I saved a very big downpayment.
really good question........i honestly dont know what i would get. but for sure im gonna stick with the same brand. i wouldnt want to go with any other one. im loyal like that. lol
Same here. If I could afford it I would probably go one model up. But if I can't I'd go one model down then. As long as I keep it in the family. :)
I would get something really similar. Id probably get something along the lines of a GS350.
I just bought a used 2011 Scion xB to bomb around in. 2.4l, 5 sp stick, black. I've put a little over 500 miles on it so far. 1st fillup was 34.2 mpgs. 2nd tank is looking the same.
I was deciding between my Regal and a 2010 Mercury Milan. The Milan had the 3.0 V6, but i liked the look and handling of the Regal better. Think I made the right decision.
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