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I've recently entered the market for a new used car and have stumbled across a 2012 Buick regal GS. Currently, I am trying to determine if it is a fitting vehicle for my needs. I am moving out of my parent's house and thus need a reliable vehicle that won't need expensive repairs, as this will be the first time in my life that I have to be careful with my expenses. I'm looking at a GS because I like the features it offers as well as its clean looks and higher horsepower, but am unsure with my lack of knowledge if it will do well in the reliability category knowing that it is the first year this generation of Buick released the GS trim. Also, what do you think about the price, as KBB and similar sites seem to be all over the place with their suggestions?

Information about the particular vehicle I am looking at.
-50,180 miles
-2 owners. 1st owner put 46k miles on it and regularly serviced it at the dealership, the 2nd owner put the remaining miles on it and owned it for 3 years having maintenance performed on it as well at a transmission shop (seems that he has kept it in the garage for the life of ownership
-price $15,980
-the year 2012
-clean title
-body in excellent condition
-Located in midwest

Thank you
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