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Installing a nav radio unit

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Has anybody looked into this before? I can't get my hands on a service manual yet, but there was a $4000 premium just to get navigation (plus other options we didn't want), so we only got the regular radio. I would like to eventually install the unit from a navigation-equipped Regal.
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Relatively easy as long as its a new unit and not vin locked however it will likely cost you more than $4K CAD. I'm not going to hit EVERY part but for example list prices (In USD)

Radio Module:$2235.48
Screen: ~$500 appears to not be available yet?
Front Switch Pack: $130
Trim Bezel:$130

There are a bunch of small parts I left out, harnesses and the radio knob for the console etc.
Sounds like a pain, maybe it was just smarted to get one from the dealer, or if not go aftermarket , always cheaper =/
If the unit is VIN locked, is it still possible to get it unlocked by a dealer? I don't have a problem waiting a few years for a wrecked Regal in a scrapyard to pull my parts from.

I just wish they had packed a few more features into the non-nav radio unit. Heck, the Cruze I drove had the same thing, and it even showed the date (which the Regal does not).
As far as I know dealers cant do it, only ASC's (well and me lol) can do it :)
Sorry, but what's an ASC? Is a junkyard pull a viable option? We have a few pull-it-yourself places here that are big enough to get some late model vehicles.
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