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Okay ... I've had my '14 Regal for roughly a week and I can say with authority that I'm finding the Intellilink a tad maddening - especially when it comes to to its controls. I know my way around tech and lemme just say that for all the positive reviews Intellilink gets, I thought the experience would be much much MUCH more fluid and intuitive... I'm not doubting it's a good infotainment system, I'm just saying, it can be maddening especially with the controls. Huuuuuuuuuuuge learning curve.

The highs: Seemingly great nav with great audible recognition; Stupendous speech recognition for functions; Great Bluetooth functionality and audio passthru for most phones


* The sound. I posted an earlier thread about the weak power of the base system. I did manage to find a slight workaround. Most of my CDs and mp3s were ripped at 128 kbps bit rate and I'm finding that anything above or close to 300 is the way to go ... Stronger sound that will come through significantly louder. Still, shouldn't have to do this... By the same token, I had to increase the QUALITY sound of the stream on Spotify TO 'HIGH DEF' or EXTREME or something like that. Again, it made a small, noticeable difference.

* Album art. I thought that the metadata of the ripped CD/mp3 would translate a bit better. Roughly half of the mp3s transfer with the key art. Not a biggie. Just cool.

* MADDENING radio presets. Holy crap!! I had this thing a week and found it next to impossible to figure out how to quickly/easily store radio station presets. The manual is basically no help... In fact, lemme just say that it goes on and on about 'APPS' for the Intellilink system. Am I missing something? Where are these so-called apps or their store? Other than STITCHER, which no longer is supported and PANDORA, what the hell is GM talking about in their manual? **( A quick aside: My wife just bought a new FORD EDGE and I kept reading about how awful the FORD MY LINK / SYNC system was that Microsoft powers but I hate to admit, it is waaaay easier to use than Intellilink. In fact, I love how the screen keeps four quadrants of information open at once --> LOCATION; RADIO INFO; AIR and TEMPERATURE)

Back to the pre-sets... I managed to figure out how to store around 20 but that's the kind of thing one can easily do at a stoplight... Not here. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out how to QUICKLY access my presets. That dumb finger swipe they want us to do never seems to work. Not sure if the screen is unresponsive or what. Is there a quick Easter Egg that will list all of my stations on the screen? I have it set for 15 or 20 visible...

Even more maddening is that the book tells us that we can pre-set all sorts of functions in the presets... I'll be damned if I can figure it out...

* MICRO SD SLOT. Props for supporting video ---> but NOT .avi files??? HUH? In fact, I didn't see which kinds of files the system supports? I finally managed to deduce that it supports mp4 files (since that's what iPhones use) but jeez,louise... Make it easier, guys!!

* NO PICS?? Whhhhhaaaaat? Why in the heck does the system not allow us to view pics? If I'm wrong, please let me know... It would be cool to have a static wallpaper of family...

* PANDORA. Who wants to connect their iPhone to the system via USB wire just for Pandora connectivity. One step up... Two steps back.

* GETTING HOME. Storing a favorite into the navigation like 'HOME' seems -- again -- less intuitive than it should be.

These are my initial thoughts and who knows, after a month, I may change my mind.

I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks about the new Intellilink ...
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