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Intercooler piping

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Greetings Forumers,

I have noticed that the intercooler pipes seems to be reversed on the Turbo Regal. That is, as the engine rediator's hot tube is on the passenger side and the cool tube on the driver's, I would expect the intercooler's to follow the same layout. It appears that the intercooler's hot pipe in on the driver's side. I am wondering: does that suggesr that hot air passing through to the radiator would raise the engine temp, somewhat, and further, that the hot air would reheat the radiator's cool side thereby re-heating the transmission cooling section?
Wouldn't that seem to lead to problematic returns on some cars?
Or, would the particular setup as it is have negligible to no effect on the turbo cars?

Thanks for your attention, and input.
I apologise if this matter has been already addressed.
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I plan to relocate the intercooler to the front - before the A/C cooler - and as well as switch the piping of the intercooler. I will also add some ducting to the inner side of the grill to direct the incoming air espicially onto the coling units.
Could you take a few pictures after you are done?
has anyone put in temp gauges to watch what it does? Like a egt gauge?

Sounds like the piping is the same as on my silverado,intercooler hot side on drivers side
To cozbryt, unfortunately, this project will be undertaken not until July, so pictures are going to be a bit of a wait. I also plan to install a BOV.

To thestepchild, are there any type overheating issues on your silverado?
At the same time, the silverado's engine bay is quite spacious compared to the regal's. I would guess that all-around cooling air flows freely in such a bay as the silverado's.

In all, I just find it odd the way the piping is set up in the regal. I think it could have been done better from a design perspective.
Hello. I am new to these issues, I will be happy with any information.
defraggler alternative
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