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Is Regal a reliable car?

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Hi!, Im in the process of buying a car. I like the Regal, but I just want to make sure is a reliable car. I going to use it as a commuter car. Please help with your comments.


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No major issues with my 2011 Russelheim T05 purchased in November 2011.The only complaint is a volume issue (varying output, due to quirky speed adjusted volume) there should be an HK reprogram for this, I've heard.

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17000 miles since June....not a single problem with 2011 Russelheim.

100 miles to work and back 5 days a week. almost all highway miles. avg of 26.9 mpg. didn't have to change oil until 15000.

Thanks a lot for your comments, is good to read that at least not all the people have issues with the car. Ill go by the dealer and start looking for my Regal turbo.
Good choice usually people who have problems either drive the car rough right from the start or they just managed to purchase a lemon somehow!
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