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So all I need some help. I bought a 2011 regal 2.0 turbo that suffered a major failure of timing chain, I’m already planning an engine swap, but for an ultra clean 123,000 mile car I’m willing to make it work. I’m am a mainline Chrysler master tech so the swap will happen with all new timing components in the donor engine. My dilemma is this, yesterday I bought a 2012 regal from insurance auction with a good engine, but destroyed front clip and full airbag deployment. I picked it up from auction site today and noticed it had Brembo brakes on it and GS badge on trunk, reading into this it appears this engine is rated for 50 more HP, Did I find a unicorn? $1,050 was my winning bid. Will this engine work okay with my 11 PCM? Don’t know much on the GM side
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