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Just got a 2011 CXL

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Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself to all the regal owners. I have a quick question though. I want to change out the stock headlights and put in some xenon lights. Is this a simple process or is the assembly difficult to get to?
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I think that question would best be answered by your Buick Dealer. I would think it would be expensive to upgrade to them. There are after market kits you can buy that have all the nessasary components including the transformers etc. I would still ask the dealer or GM before installing them to make sure it does not effect the electrical system in a negative way.
Check out ebay. You are looking at like $500 for the new headlight housing plus installation.
Ouch. Hopefully they'll come down as the new regal gets a few years and more on the road.
There are actually two components needed. The headlight and the Xenon wirings. It is more like $1500 to get all the parts necessary. If you go aftermarket projector only you can been in the $1000 range installed. Not worth it for stuff you never get to look at while you are driving IMO.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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