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Just ordered Trifecta Tune - any advice?

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Just ordered a Trifecta Tune for my 2011 Regal CXL 6MT. I have no experience with Trifecta or with tuning in general - do you guys have any words of wisdom to share? Very eager to install the tune!
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Question: will installing a tune affect the resale value of the car?
Depends on the buyer I would think. When I sold a duramax I pulled the tune off and set it back to stock. A different buyer, I probably would have left it on, but the guy didn't seem at all interested.
scheck out these guys our friends at Pfadt Race Engineering aren’t the kind of people who can leave a good car alone – they’ve added two new upgrade packages for the turbo mill in addition to their existing P35 kit, offering you the choice of 350, 450, or 500-plus crank horsepower.
The P35 package has a suggested retail of $1,199 and takes the 2.0 to 265 horsepower and 342 pound-feet at the wheels, optimizing the stock turbo with a new carbon cold air intake, stainless steel downpipe (available in catted or catless versions), and their own Pfadt Pflash tune.
The newly-unveiled next step up, the P45 package, will set you back $6,250, but upgrades to a Pro-Street turbo, handbuilt 304 stainless tubular exhaust manifold, a new downpipe, cold air intake, high-flow intercooler, and Pflash tune that work together to put 406 horsepower and 380 pound-feet to the tires.
Finally, there’s the P50 package, priced at $6,999. Delivering a claimed 477 rear wheel horsepower and 418 foot-pounds, this turbo package upgrades the same roster of components as the P45, but is intended to take the stock ATS bottom end and fuel system as far as they can go.
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I'm dynoing 278whp with 295wtq with trifecta's tune. Load it up with transparency mode on and do your data logs. Be patient and work with the guys at trifecta. Make sure you tell them what octane of super is available in your area and they can make your tune a bit hotter if you like.
Are you getting a tune or a new PCM with a canned tune in it? I'm assuming you're getting a new PCM with a tune. As long as your current stock PCM doesn't have an overwrite on it - which it does with a new tune, newer GM PCMs store and know how many times it's been written - GM won't know the difference and it won't affect the warranty and possible resale issues.
I am not familiar with Trifecta, what does the tune change? I seem to have some serious lag in my 2011 T from a dead stop.
I bought the Trifecta Tune for my 2011 CXL Turbo about a year and a half ago and after the tune its like a new motor was installed. By far the best $300 you can spend on the car. Dead stop lag will be a distant memory...
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