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Because I have a salvage title (hail, no accident) I can't rely on a warranty, so any free advise is welcome here.
I just got the car recently & generally it runs & drives great. There is one constant source of irritation, though.
When I used one of the remotes I got a "replace battery in remote" message, so I checked the battery voltage & found it to be 2.93v (3v battery)
I replaced it anyway & that seemed to fix it. Now the other remote reads the same voltage & gets the "replace" message, too, and the remote in which I already added a new battery also gets the "replace battery" message & reads 2.98v.
This level of voltage should not require replacement (especially after only a couple of weeks use)
Is anyone else experiencing this?
Any ideas. Computer issue? Programming issue?
Will the car continue to start if the battery is okay but the car thinks it needs replacement?
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