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Lowering your Regal

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Would a car like the Buick Regal look "funny" lowered?
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Not really. Its all a matter of doing it properly. Just don't over do it and have the car scrapping. Some really high end luxury cars barely have any wheel gap and they look amazing.
The Regal probably doesn't sit as low as it could. While Buick wants the younger market, they're not going to walk away from their existing customer base either. Lowering the car makes it harder to get in and out of for those that are "growing wise" gracefully.
Yeah, but Buick does have to step up it's game in regards to getting a younger demographic in their vehicles. Perhaps GM will know this and offer some aftermarket goodies such as suspension parts for the Regal. Time will tell. I bet there are already some lowered Regals out down south. They are all about it there. I mean, if they will lower one of these:

then the new Regal will be done as well.

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a lowered Insignia OPC looks awesome to me.

H&R makes springs for the Insignia that lower the car 30mm. Someone is riding around my area in one that is definitely lowered and riding on aftermarket wheels and I'm pretty sure he has a steinmetz body kit on it. It's HOT!!!
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I think thats the first thing i would do... esp with my G8 being slammed..
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