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Moaning Noise During Braking

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I drive a 2011 Regal CXL RL2 and over the past several weeks, I have noticed that during braking a moaning or whirring noise is heard from about 45 mph down to about 32 mph. When I lift my foot off the brake pedal during these speeds, the noise goes away. I took my Regal to the selling dealer to have a tech test drive and take a look at my brakes. According to the service writer, the tech noticed the sound but could not find anything wrong with my Regal's brakes. I was told that the symptoms I'm noticing may simply be a characteristic of the Regal and that GM does not consider it to be a "real" problem unless the noise gets worse and if it becomes bothersome while the stereo is on. (Uh, okay?) Well, the noise has progressively become worse since my visit a few weeks ago.

My question is whether or not other Regal owners have experienced similar symptoms. If so, I would be curious to find out the cause of the problem and the fix, assuming one would be available.

Thank you in advance.
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I would say your dealer is being an idiot, and it seems that it may be bearing issues, or a CV shaft or something that worn, Or possibly even your pads or rotors or bent. Though it almost sounds a Bearing issues, since bearings only get louder and louder as they become more worn.
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