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Hello all, I just posted a quick intro but wanted to get to the reason I found this forum in the first place.
My wife and I own a 99 GS. It actually came with the GSE features like the Touring Suspension, premium stereo....etc. We have enjoyed the car for the last eight years, chalking up a whopping 75,000 total miles on her. My wife drives the car as her main transportation, which it serves it's luxury car duties flawlessly.
When I get behind the wheel it gets driven as intended. I often access the "Super Booster", which is my sweethearts term for the supercharger. The touring suspension and current wheel/tire combo handles the worst roads that Washington State DOT can throw at it gracefully. The only complaint that I might have is that same taught suspension and tire combo is a bit rough and noisy for long road trips down I-5. The car does have a shroud of mystery to its past.
The story on this car is that a friend of mine who owns a body shop bought the car in 2002 at a wholesale auction, (he has a dealers license). It had just under 18,000 miles on it and had been hit in the back. No serious damage was done, bumper core, cover, some paint etc. It was not near enough damage to issue a salvage title and my friend's shop does beautiful work. When my friend bought the car it had no history, and no actual title, it was a government GSA car. My friend had to get the proper paperwork together and to my knowledge we are the only registered owners shown, just as if we had bought it new in 2002.
For the entire time we have owned the car there has been speculation among my friends about the government history. There is an antennae in the passenger rear qtr. panel that has no wires, along with some evidence of equipment that has been removed. It has a couple of extra holes in the center console sides that probably had radio gear or something of the sort. I find the strangest thing to be that the car has no GS badge or touring suspension marks anywhere on the exterior. I fact it seems they went out of their way to make this car a real plain Jane sleeper. It even came with steel wheels and wheel covers instead of the alloys that it should have (I put nice aggressive 18" wheels and tires on it).
Of course among my friends this car has become known as the "Secret Service Car". It's been fun thinking of what the car may have been used for, FBI, CIA, who knows?
Question is do any of you Regal experts know what part of the government would use a car like this? Lets face it, the Department of Agriculture probably doesn't get issued black supercharged Regals. We would love to be able to fill in the blank part of the cars history.
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