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Nav screen acting up already??

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'12 Regal GS, with nav. Took the car out for the second time tonight, and about 5-10 minutes into the drive, the radio started selecting stations and saving presets all by itself!

It appears that any pressure from the surrounding bezel (eg. pushing the hazards button) causes the bottom-middle of the screen to be "pushed" or think its being pushed. It keeps selecting preset #3 and #4, and trying to save preset #3 and #4. It also doesn't allow me to push any other part of the screen because theres a button being "pushed" already.

Anyone else run into this?? I *really* don't want to take this thing back to the dealer, I haven't even had it three days yet!

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Got antsy so i popped the screen out of the dash. I unscrewed it from the surrounding bezel and added a washer on each side so the bezel doesnt contact the screen anymore.

I think it was being affected by the cold weather, as it would happen while the cabin was warming up through the climate control system (and the vents on either side of the screen). Seems like it was just such a tight tolerance that any movement pushed the bezel into the screen.

Back to focusing on how to keep those wheels clean... :cool:
Some other owners having the same issue:
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