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navigation sd card issue

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I have 2012 GS, The navigation was working fine until last week everytine I try using it is give me "SD card not inserted" I clean the SD card, re-inserted. Nothing work. Took it to the the dealer, it seem they have no idea what to do. They are ordering a new card, but I dont think is the card because the USD port doen't work either.

anyone with same issue?
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insert sd card

my 2012 regal gs now has about 11k and alls good. my onstar free period expired a few months ago. I seldom use the navigation system because i'm a guy and always know where i'm going. however if I have something I want it to work properly. today I hit the NAV button and nothing. "insert sd card" don't even know where to insert it if I had one. how did you resolve the situation?
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