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Hey, not sure if this is the right thread, sure hope it is.

SO. I recently purchased the ls and I'm having the cluster issue, everything works except the speedo, gas, and tach lights (that I know of) now the odometer digital gauge, stereo and a/c control lights and digital outside temp lights are dim/not working. Some days it will light up bright and about a minute or two later it will just cut out. I have popped the cluster apart to the circuit and saw only one resistor missing, the other three were still solidly in place. I soldered the missing one, only to have the issue even worse than before. The lights were not visible. I broke the newly soldered resistor off and returned it how it was before I opened it and odo/radio/a-c lights came back but are dim. I found a whole cluster for the LS model online for about 85.00, but before I spend that money I want to know if it sounds like a circuit board issue and not a dimmer control module or a harness issue.

To add to this; my fuel gauge is being weird. I put the key in the ignition and the gas gauge starts at full, about 10 seconds later it flops down to E and the gas light is on, some days it does this, some days it doesn't. I looked up to see if it's the fuel sensor and it sounds like it but I'm not sure and not just a part of a faulty cluster.

I wish I would've took pictures.
I'm on a super tight poor college kid budget, so any insight would be amazing.I love this car I just want to get this stuff sorted out.
Thank you in advance.
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