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New 2011 Buick Regal Turbo TO6 owner

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Hello, my wife and I just purchased our Regal about a month ago. We have the Harmon Kardon ( I think it is spelled right) system in our vehicle. We are having an issue with the volume in this system. If we turn the volume to 20 or higher, the radio seems to have a mind of it's own. The volume will go up and down on its own and fades in and out on its own. We have turned the auto speed volume off and we have taken it back to the dealer multiple times now. The service department told us they upgraded the software but that did not fix the problem. Now they are trying to chalk it up to being either sound wave issues or that it is the bass in the music causing the problem. Our particular vehicle was made in Germany, we have done research and found nothing that can help us with this problem and the service department and managers at the dealer we bought the car from have pretty much bailed on us. Is there anyone else out there that has this issue? If so, we ask that you let us know how you might have been able to resolve your issue and to please go on the Buick website and notify them as they are telling us that they have never heard of this problem before as it has never been reported. We have all payed way too much money for these cars to just live with the problems and they should be fixed. Thank you very much. Dennis & Michelle
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I have the same exact issue with my '11 regal as well. I have the T06, but I have also reproduced the issue in other regals with the HK sound system. From what I've read on forums it seems to be something people notice but don't think much of or maybe they don't realize that the sound fluctuation is an actual problem. At first the techs at the dealership couldn't reproduce the problem and of course they had never heard of this issue before, but I was able to narrow down the sound 'fluctuation' issue to certain points in songs. For instance, if you are listening to a song on your iPod or a CD and you hear when the sound changes, you can actually rewind and reproduce the change at the exact same part of the song every time. After hearing this, the tech at the dealership thinks its some sort of calibration issue. I called Buick customer assistance and I should hear back from the regional service manager in the next day or so to find out what the next step is to get this resolved. I'll post any updates as soon as possible.
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If anyone out there is having this same problem be sure to either visit your dealer or call buick customer service and report the issue. Hopefully once they get enough complaints they will put out a bulletin to get this thing fixed.
I had gone through this problem but my dealer solved it carefully and now i dont have any problem with it.
Hello, if the GM person that I have been talking to for the last couple of days is right, it looks like there might be a problem in our Harmon kardon amplifier. They are waiting for the new amplifier to come in and install it to see if this fixes the issue. If it does, I will let everyone know right away.
Mine does the same thing...

I just got my 2011 CXL Turbo and the HK Radio volume fluctuates. I turned off the setting for volume adjustment at speed, but the volume seems to flux at will. I saw in a post on this thread that the dealer resolved their issue, but was interested in what the dealer did to resolve the problem.

I had gone through this problem but my dealer solved it carefully and now i dont have any problem with it.
What did they do to fix it?
Fluctuating Radio Volume

I realize this thread is quite old however, has anyone been able to solve this problem? Prior to taking my car to a dealer that may or may not have heard of this, I'd like to have some insight with regard to any successful fixes.
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