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Greetings All!

I am a recent owner of a gently used 2012 Regal Turbo Premium. I am happy with my purchase (so far) and hope this forum can assist me with any issues that arise. I was weary about purchasing a 2012 in 2017-18. But after seeing the Carfax and performing a very thorough inspection of the car, the 1 previous owner really took care of it for me. I have however a new problem that came up this morning: when changing sources, there is no sound coming out of the FM frequency. I can scan but does not pick up any stations. When I select the station list, it says what each station is playing but no sound. All other sources work fine including AM so its not the speakers. Oh and where is the button to open the trunk? I can open it via key fob and trunk lid but cannot find button in cabin. Any assistance? Thanks y'all!!

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