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New from Ohio, 2011 Regal CXL

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Hi all, I leased my 2011 Regal CXL 2.4L back in 12-10. We traded in a Pontiac G6 Sport coupe with the street edition package for it. I now have a little over 18,000 miles on the clock. Both the wife and I love the feel, handling and ride, not to mention the numerous complements we get from other people while out and about. Ours is the capochino bronze metalic with the tan and brown interrior with wood inserts. We get about 22mpg around town and 30-31 mpg on the highway. Not fantastic but acceptable.
Bad new is ours has had a few problems along the way. The first problems occured on a long trip with intermittant hard shifting both up and down at slow speeds, then the traction control light started comming on. They (the dealer) had a hard time pinning the problem down due to no hard codes set and being an intermittant problem. After many months and talks with GM's tech people they pulled all of the computers (7) and cleaned and then greased with dialectric grease all the pin connectors. This solved the problem. Up until about four months ago no further problems. Then first the driver seat heating element failed, then right after that the climate control cpu failed and caused the heater to go full on and high heat. After that was repaired last week the engine started balking at start up after a stop to stalling with the engine quiting. This set a hard code and they found that the control valves that control the cam timming had failed due to dirt clogging the oil screen in the input of the valves. It seems that the oil change sensors are to optimistic and allow the oil to go to long between drain intervals. The first oil change came at around 11,000 miles even though there still showed 15% oil life left. Light had not come on to change the oil. The oil in the engine when the problem showed up had about 7,500 miles on it with 22% oil life showing. I used Mobil One synthetic 5W30 Dexsos oil and a premium filter at oil change. The dealer changed the oil and filter while replacing the control valves and also reprogrammed the engine oil life computer to turn the oil change lite on sooner at about 5-6,000 miles. It looks like the Dexsos oil will not last as long as they had predicted.
I hope this is the last problem I have with this car for a while. I have a long trip planned in the next couple of months and hope it is trouble free.
I have owned many GM products over the years (23) and this car by far has had the most problems by far. Most of my GM cars never go back to the dealer for warrenty repair. Some had one or two problems over a four to five year period and a lot more miles.
I had planned on buying this car at lease end but not now.
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