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Hello everyone,

New to the forum, hope this is the right place to post this. But if it's not I'm sure the administrators will move it and correct my misguided misconceptions:D!

Recently bought a 1995 Buick Regal custom for a song and dance. Its the 3800 engine with the four speed tranny. Got 105,000 miles on it. The car sat for a year or more so I'm going through everything like fluids and some mechanical stuff.

Just replaced the oil and filter, upgraded the filter for the longer filter. About to replace the transmission oil and filter... are there any upgrades for the tranny?

Also I haven't changed the plugs and wires yet, I'm waiting to order those. A question for that is what plugs and wires do I use. Now, I'm not asking what's the best because I think that's all left up to interpretation and personal beliefs. What I'm asking is what do our engine work better with, copper, platinum, double platinum, iridium plugs?

And what about wires? Are there any wires that work better/perform better on the 3800 vs. whatever else.

My carpet on the rear speaker tray is COMPLETELY destroyed. I pulled it off but I cant find replacement carpet/fabric. Does anyone know where to get this stuff? I'm already in the process of replacing the headliner... No problem there, but I "can not" seem to find the carpet/fabric to replace the rear piece that contains the rear speakers.

Also I'm going to have to replace the front and rear struts, any recommendations? Just as an example AC Delco is better than Accel.

Also last question and I kind of know better, but. Does anyone make body kits for the regal? Like front or rear bumpers, hoods, stuff like than?

Thanks for y'alls time I sincerely appreciate it!

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