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New Onyx Black Turbo

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Have had my Turbo for exactly one day and am in love. We test drove a Summit White CXL and although we loved the car, found it underpowered without the Turbo. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada with a lot of two lane highway and many 18 wheelers so need passing power. The non-tubbo CXL was the only Regal on the lot so after some spirited negotiations we ordered the Turbo without a test drive. I had done my research and saw all the great reviews. We have not been disappointed. While it is not a rocket, the power band from 80 to 120 kmh is so smooth and the car is just a joy to drive. Did not get the navi or Harmon Karden stereo as it would have stretched the budget but I'm completely happy with the car and happy with what I paid. Most people I who have seen the car to can't believe it is a Buick. :)
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Nice. I liked the black but wife wanted blue.
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