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Hey guys,

New Regal owner here from KY. Just got my 2011 CXL today and am loving it! I never thought I would have bought a Buick! All my buddies said to me the other day, "You're buying a Buick? Isn't that an old man's car?" Well, I'm 44 years old and don't consider myself an "old man" and I hope I never do! This car is awesome! It is Charcoal gray, has 21000 miles and looks, grace, and style that beats most vehicles I see on the road nowadays. I do have plans to maybe do a billet grill with a Vauxhall emblem and may change the rear emblem to Vauxhall as well. I like to make people wonder what they are looking at. I love the fact that this car was built in Germany with German engineering, so the emblem change is a basic acknowledgement of its roots (and I just like the looks of the emblem better!). I will probably do some other mods, but for now, just enjoying the car.

I'm so glad I found this site, and would love to see some pics of anyone that has done something similiar that I want to do to their Regal.

Thanks for the opportunity to be here,

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