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New Regal Design = Awesome!

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Good on GM for doing something right!!! I think the new Regal is awesome.

I hear they are selling something like 5000 a month in China. The Chinese have some good taste!

What does everyone else think about the New Opel Design?? ;)
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5000 a month in China? wow that's pretty good.
Ya I read that somewhere also.

have you heard its German Designed too!

I agree that they are doing something right. Im also glad they are stating to think outside the box a little again too. Im excited for GM.
OMG...look at this... how can you NOT love the car?


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Opel has made many cars for GM and they all look good IMO. Remember the old Catera?

Yep, that was all German designed as well. Are these going to be made in the USA or what?

When the car was first announced, late last year, current thinking was that it was going to be built in Oshawa. Who knows if that has changed?
European styling is OK, but European size isn't always a winner. If you drive for three hours in parts of Europe, you've gone through six countries.

If you drive three hours in America, you've probably gone through six towns. Previous attempts to build "world cars" have failed miserably here because we want more, more, more.

Of course, it's nothing that $7/gal gasoline won't fix.
I personally like the design of the Regal GS - more sporty and will appeal to a younger crowd. I especially love the interior - those seats look really nice...

Now we just have to see if the handling/performance of the Regal GS matches the appearance
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You can find some you tube video's on the new Opel Insignia OPC.....Hopefully this will prove to be the genesis for the 2013 Regal GS ? They are adding a 6cyl twin turbo @ 325HP combined w/AWD. If Buick really wants to step into Euro sports car territory they will need to add this level of performance to the Regal. I have the 2011 2.0T and it is punchy, fun to drive but I would never have the confidence to line it up next to some of the cars that GM is gunning for in this class. Aside from the HP and drive train, the Regal is spot-on in design and comfort.
word on the street is the gs is staying 4cyl and no awd for good :(
They simply won't bring any euro spec engines over here. Who couldn't love a V6 twin turbo???

Personally, I'd like to have the CDTI and the 40+ MPG in wagon form rolling on 18's, but that is soo off of the Buick radar they are brain dead.
V6 twin turbo would be sweet... maybe they should just sell it as a limited spec version..
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