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New Regal Engine Size ?

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What Engine is GM putting in the New Regal? Havent been able to find anything about it yet... Found this site first. Maybe im just not looking hard enough. haha

I hope it has got some pep though!
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Looks like they are sticking with the 3800 SuperCharged Set up.

2010 Buick Regal
3800 Series II Supercharged V6
240 HorsePower and 280 lb-ft torque.


3.8 litre SFI Series II V6 with about 200 Horsepower.

Not too shabby i guess.
Sweet, that way we can change the pulley and dump more fuel and bingo! I loved the old Grand Prix GTP just for the easy performance add-ons.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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